Windows Home Server set network location to public not working

The other day I was installing Windows Home Server 2011 with two network adapters.
Long story short I needed one to be a “Private network” and the other to be a “Public Network” but changing one adapter to a Public network ended up as a research exercise as the setting would not save. After spending many hours searching Google for a solution I found but one forum topic which suggested this which ended up saving me many more hours on such a simple task.

Find the list of services by going to: Start > services.msc
The Private/Public networks are controlled by the service: Network Location Awareness.
Let’s disable that now by right clicking on that service and clicking Disable.
>This might prompt you to disable other services as well, Say yes and continue till the process is complete.

You can now set the other network adapter as a Public Network, Then reboot.


set network location


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