Renaming BiteSMS to Messages Cydia


Renaming BiteSMS to “Messages” or whatever you would like to call it.

Step 1.
Use a file explorer such as iTools (Windows/Mac) or use the cydia tweak iFile to access your filesystem.

Step 2.
Goto the directory: /private/var/stash/

Step 3.
At this point there’s going to be a few random named directory’s, what you want to do is go into each directory till you find the one named “Applications” go into that.

Step 4.
Goto the folder then your language.lproj folder (In my case English.lproj)

Step 5.
Modify the biteSMS.strings and scroll all the way to the bottom, about 10-20 lines up there will be a


You now want to change the biteSMS to whatever you would like. In my case I wanted it to display Messages so as a result my file looks like this:


Step 6.
You will now need to “Respring” the device in order for the changes to take effect (Restarting also works). Depending on your jailbreak you may already have a Cydia tweak that has an option to “Respring”. If not “Push to respring” works great.


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