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Skype sluggish laggy performance issues fix

On having some performance issues with Skype on a fresh install of Windows 7 after some troubleshooting I have found a workaround where I am no longer having any performance issues.

The fix is simply setting the skype.exe processor affinity to use only CPU0.

To do this follow the steps below:

Step 1. Click start and type in “taskmgr” without quotes and hit enter – This should open Task Manager
Step 2. Click the Processes tab (Details on Windows 10)
Step 3. Right click skype.exe and click “Set Affinity”
Step 4. Untick all the boxes except for CPU 0.
Step 5. Restart Skype

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Fix for using flash in SWware Iron browser

If you are having trouble using Adobe Flash in Iron this solution has fixed my issues.

You must install flash in Chrome or firefox as we need to obtain a file this installs.

1. Create a “Plugins” folder in the SRWare Iron folder in Program Files (C:\Program Files (X86)\SRWare Iron\)
2. Goto: C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash and copy the file starting with: NPSWF64xxxxxxxxxx.dll (x will interpret numbers).
3. Paste the file in (C:\Program Files (X86)\SRWare Iron\Plugins
4. Reload your browser.

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Windows Home Server set network location to public not working

The other day I was installing Windows Home Server 2011 with two network adapters.
Long story short I needed one to be a “Private network” and the other to be a “Public Network” but changing one adapter to a Public network ended up as a research exercise as the setting would not save. After spending many hours searching Google for a solution I found but one forum topic which suggested this which ended up saving me many more hours on such a simple task.

Find the list of services by going to: Start > services.msc
The Private/Public networks are controlled by the service: Network Location Awareness.
Let’s disable that now by right clicking on that service and clicking Disable.
>This might prompt you to disable other services as well, Say yes and continue till the process is complete.

You can now set the other network adapter as a Public Network, Then reboot.


set network location

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