Microsoft keyboard backspace slow

Recently my Microsoft Keyboard has started to play up where it responds to backspacing letters extremely slowly. Normally holding the backspace at the end of a sentence it speed back to the first letter but occasionally waits a few milliseconds between removing each letter. I couldn’t find a proper fix but this is my workaround.

Please Note, to do this I currently have the “Microsoft Keyboard” software/drivers installed which is a package that supports all keyboards Microsoft have manufactured. Although there should always be a “keyboard” option in your control panel that has similar options. I can’t verify that way will work though.

Goto Start > All Programs > Microsoft Keyboard > Microsoft Keyboard.
You should see a windows like below:

keyboard properties

Simply fiddle with the sliders for both “Repeat Delay” and “Repeat Rate” making sure to set them back to the appropriate selections then click the Apply & Ok button.


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