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Forefront Endpoint Protection high memory usage on Windows 8

I have been having issues with my Forefront client using more then 8gb+ of my memory usage on my computer merely idling. A quick google finds some other people have some solutions on how to solve the issue but they did not work for me. The only way I could actually get it to stop sucking up the memory was to set my settings like so:

1 (1)

“Monitor Only Incoming Files” is the main option that seems to fix the problem.

Other people have also reported that adding any “Mapped Network Drives” to the “Excluded files and locations” section worked as well.

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Easycap drivers for Windows 8 64bit

Since getting my Easycap device to convert VHS tapes I have had nothing but trouble finding drivers that actually work.
After trying alot of different drivers I found one that works fine which is available on ThePirateBay.

Link is:
Easycap Drivers
(Please note that this file was not uploaded by me and I am only linking it).

Hope it helps someone!

Please comment and let me know if the link is dead and I will upload the driver files.

EDIT: Updated link to use since they keep changing TLDs
EDIT: 2017 – Changed torrent link to a direct download link.

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Skype taking a long time to run on startup

A couple of months ago I experienced what seemed to be a glitch where Skype would take a few minutes to start up, You would double click the executable and literally wait there looking at the screen for up to 5 minutes before it decided to start. After google didn’t help me I realised there was a quick and dirty fix for this problem.

Open My Computer and locate:
“C:\Users\*YOUR USER ACCOUNT*\AppData\Roaming\”
(Appdata may appear non existant that is because it is a hidden folder. You can type that bit in the address bar to get there.)

Rename the “Skype” folder to “SkypeOld”.

Try launching Skype now, If it still takes some time, reinstall and it should now work normally.

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