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Wikipedia – Appeal Notice Removal

During certain times of the year Wikipedia runs appeal notices on their website which can interfere with the end user experience.

Below is a userscript modified from the original owner I have uploaded which removes those notices off the website. You may require an extension for your browser such as “Greasemonkey” to use this userscript.

Remove Wikipedia Notice.user

Right click the above link and download. Then import using GreaseMonkey/TamperMonkey.

Please use this script at your discretion, I am by no means advising that you should not donate to Wikipedia as it is a very good educational tool and relies on the public donations to survive.

EDIT: Userscripts is down, Link updated.
EDIT 30/12/14: Wikipedia changed their code, updated script :).

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Microsoft keyboard backspace slow

Recently my Microsoft Keyboard has started to play up where it responds to backspacing letters extremely slowly. Normally holding the backspace at the end of a sentence it speed back to the first letter but occasionally waits a few milliseconds between removing each letter. I couldn’t find a proper fix but this is my workaround.

Please Note, to do this I currently have the “Microsoft Keyboard” software/drivers installed which is a package that supports all keyboards Microsoft have manufactured. Although there should always be a “keyboard” option in your control panel that has similar options. I can’t verify that way will work though.

Goto Start > All Programs > Microsoft Keyboard > Microsoft Keyboard.
You should see a windows like below:

keyboard properties

Simply fiddle with the sliders for both “Repeat Delay” and “Repeat Rate” making sure to set them back to the appropriate selections then click the Apply & Ok button.

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Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H Network Drivers Ubuntu Server

Recently after purchasing this motherboard (Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H) I encountered issues on having no network drivers. After finding various articles about it I found the following worked as a resolution:

Download Ubuntu Server 13.04 64bit
Boot your computer to the BIOS: Make sure you have Enabled “Network Stack” this should activate your network connection before booting into any operating system.

I believe enabling the Network Stack should let any version of Ubuntu Server install and detect your network but 13.04 64bit is the only one tested so far.



Please note the “Network Stack” is located in the “BIOS Features” part of the BIOS and will be an option at the very bottom.

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